Enterprise Payment Exchange

Enterprise Payment Exchange is a SAP-certified application suite allowing merchants to implement and activate card processing transactions on their SAP system. Enterprise Payment Exchange bridges the gap between the standard SAP functionality and the back-end processors needed to handle card transaction requests.

Merchants running SAP can use our application to enable customer payments with both their order and AR processes. It provides the necessary transaction enhancements to integrate card and non-card functionality in SAP out to a merchant’s designated clearinghouse platform.

The solution is configurable and extensible to meet a range of different business needs and models. It is written in a dedicated namespace within SAP, based fully within the customer’s SAP system and uses available SAP web-service interfacing technology to communicate securely to the backend payment processing gateway. The application suite is modular so merchants need only work with the functionality they initially require, and can then extend to additional modules as their business requirements grow.

The application suite provides SAP merchants with the following range of functionality:

  • Card authorisation processing (charges, refunds and stand-alone credits),
  • Offline/manual authorisation integration,
  • Secure card data tokenisation from orders & stored card data,
  • Settlement/capture processing,
  • Enhanced data (Level 2 & 3) for settlement/capture processing,
  • Integration with e-commerce functionality (stored-card token retrieval, online tokenisation and authorisation),
  • Non-card based e-commerce payment functionality enabled (pay-pal, etc.) and integrated with SAP,
  • Web-based card pop-up tokenisation from within SAP GUI,
  • Integration with off-system card storage and tokenisation facilities,
  • Accounts receivable processing of open items, down-payments for orders and payments to account on cards,
  • Enhanced management information processing in SAP,
  • Reporting & reconciliation tools in SAP.

The above functionality is enabled through the following key-features:

  • Communicates via HTTPS to a merchant’s Payment Gateway Web Services,
  • Reads and uses standard SAP configuration,
  • All components supplied under a separate namespace,
  • No changes required to standard SAP code,
  • Extensible and can work with SAP-accredited methods to enhance tables and structures,
  • Reduces PCI-DSS compliance issues,
  • Easily deployed as a set of SAP transports,
  • Configuration and suggested modifications/configuration guide provided.