Account Management

This module is for processing finance-only customer-card transactions from within the SAP ECC environment. The module enables the following functionality:

  • Card-based payment to account
  • Card-based payment and clearing of open items

A separate application transaction is available in SAP for users to access this functionality through the following steps:

  1. Taking a user through a simple customer account selection screen,
  2. Showing the open items available for processing,
  3. Allowing for selection of stored card tokens or the entry of new card details,
  4. Accessing standard SAP and Enterprise Payment Exchange configuration to determine the correct merchant account,
  5. Processing the payment to the card and completes the financial transaction within SAP.

Extra options for handling the settlement data for cleared items are also available, for when a merchant also has implemented the Enhanced Settlement Data module, for level 3 card data processing.

Account Management Image 1 Account Management Image 2