Enterprise Payment Exchange Core Module

This is the heart of the enterprise suite, and must be installed with all other modules. It covers the three fundamental payment-processing functional areas:

This module enables the core integration capabilities between SAP ECC card processing and the external payment gateway. It implements all the card-data validation, authorisation and settlement functionality available in standard SAP and enhances the card data capture process to enable tokenisation of the credit card number for both order-processing and customer-master card storage.

The Core system is configured for a customer's processing environment and integrates to the standard SAP card payment configuration. There are no extensions to standard SAP tables or structures and all the configuration data and processing code sits within our unique namespace within SAP. Configuration consists of some simple mappings from the SAP Merchant ID account set-up to the back-end Clearinghouse logical port and connectivity details.


Tokenisation is the main element of the application suite. Card data is secured by replacing the customer card number with a generic 16-digit alpha-numeric code. This code is then mapped to the clearinghouse reference token along with all useful meta-data concerning the card (i.e. card type, card category, etc.) on data tables within the SAP system. This enables a standardised token to represent a customer card number regardless of the length of token generated by a clearinghouse.


Authorisation functionality includes standard card authorisations, pre-authorisations, manual authorisation and credits/refunds.


The settlement process integrates with the SAP settlement functionality and enables the capture of authorised card transactions and posting to SAP finance through the standard interface. The settlement process will also automatically process any manual authorisations (provided this functionality is supported by a customer's designated clearinghouse) and credits.

We also provide an enhanced re-settlement function that allows for failed transactions to be reprocessed without re-submitting the entire batch, and an enhanced settlement reporting tool to present the batch data in an easily readable format within SAP for export to a spreadsheet application, if required.

EPX Core Image