A wide range of functionality is available in this module to enable merchants to integrate their SAP ECC systems with their online stores for the processing of card and non-card transactions. The module consists of a set of payment-related functions that can be deployed as web services from a merchant’s SAP environment for integration into any web store they have.

The basic principles

  1. When an online store wishes to make a card payment transaction or tokenise a customer's card it makes an initial query request to Enterprise Payment Exchange running on SAP to initiate the service.
  2. The application looks up the relevant configuration for the transaction within SAP and presents back the details needed to access the clearinghouse service (such as an HTTPS POST form, etc.).
  3. The merchant’s website then passes this information to the relevant destination address and the relevant payment page is rendered, usually as an i-frame on the customer’s browser.

Note that depending on the clearinghouse being used and the service being accessed, there may be some additional steps or configuration required to support the transaction, such as handling authentication challenges, receiving post-back requests, etc. All such steps are covered in the E-Commerce implementation guide.

The benefits

By involving SAP in the e-commerce process, card-related transactions can be correctly handled and assigned merchant IDs, relevant configuration read, stored details derived, etc. without duplicating all this information on the merchant’s website. The E-Commerce module running in SAP is in effect the main data-provision and processing hub for the payment processing transactions.

The functions

  • Determination of the relevant processing account for the transaction,
  • Stored card retrieval,
  • Card tokenisation and storage,
  • Determination of available card-types for an online store,
  • Processing card authorisations,
  • Order creation and matching with payment details in SAP,
  • Specialised authorisation validation and settlement features for non-card asynchronous, payment methods (e.g. Paypal).

In addition to the above, merchants using the E-Commerce module can also access a clearinghouse’s secure card tokenisation page directly from SAP to prevent users from having to type raw card details directly into the SAP system. This functionality requires a pass-through page hosted on the merchant’s e-commerce server to broker the transaction between SAP and the clearinghouse. All code examples, recipe examples, etc. are provided.

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