POS Payments

Release: December 2013

Merchants requiring integration with their SAP environment and Point-of-Sales (POS) card readers, i.e. Chip and PIN, contactless payments, etc. can implement this module to enable card authorisations out to these devices from their SAP GUI.

This solution requires the associated clearinghouse to provide the controlling software for the devices themselves, with which the POS Payments module will integrate.

The enhancement is integrated into a customer’s SAP ECC environment and is supplied as a simple function module that handles all the processing, connections to the relevant systems, database reads and a pop-up display surfacing all message triggered by the remote card-reading device.

When the device completes its transaction, the authorisation and any receipt information are passed back to the controlling SAP session and the document saved. The card number is never read and passed back to SAP, but a token is supplied for the transaction in place of the card number.

Standard settlement processing can then continue as per a normal transaction.

Point of Sale Image 1 Point of Sale Image 1